The 50/50.2 Auction is live! Simply click HERE and bid your brains out or simply make a donation!!!

We kicked it off at Vuka in in Austin. This event signaled the beginning of the online auction. Over 140 works were on display and guests enjoyed food & drinks provided by Austin Land and Cattle, Austin Beerworks, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Frank, Austin East Ciders and Tito's. The event was also sponsored by our friends at Circuit of The America's.

It all began in 2013 when LOOP students wrote letters to 50 artists around the country to work on raw skateboard decks from CreateAskate.

Last year 116 finished works were auctioned off raising close to $28,000! Since then, we have been meeting City Officials and the Parks Department. The Parks Department now supports our cause. This is huge for us and we owe so much of it to you! We are now focused on providing a design and potential locations and we are very proud to announce a partnership with Evergreen Skateparks! Evergreen will lead a series of workshops with local youth and local riders to sculpt a design!

Our continuing goal is to make the entire process an educational experience for the kids, including:

- Learning to design in Sketch Up
- Building concrete forms on a half pipe test ramp
- Creating and giving presentations for the city council
- Learning landscape design and utilizing native species
- Learning project management skills

We are committed to doing this park the right way so even with the city's matching funds, we still need to raise more money, so we are gearing up for 50/50 2.0. Our goal is to raise 50k this round. With this funding we can create something we can all be proud of!

More up to the minute info is available via our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM feeds.


Project LOOP 5050.2 Artist Reel from Project LOOP on Vimeo.


Project LOOP 50/50 Exhibition from Project LOOP on Vimeo.