What is Project LOOP?
Project LOOP LLC. (Lesson's On and Off The Pavement) is a 501(c)3 non-profit network comprised of creative professionals that have a desire to give back and ensure the next gen is a creative one. Our programming is conceived to benefit youth through lessons in creativity, exercise, and hard work in a real world experience outside the classroom. Our goal is to build confidence, motivate, and give kids hands on experience in order to teach and prepare them for the future. The LOOP is not just for kids but adults who yearn to see community enhancement and improvement.

Let's face it, kids are faced with alot in their teen years. Having to decide on a career at an early age can be intense. We give kids on hand experience at what they think they aspire to be this dispelling any myth and potentially lighting a fire early on. This way our kids get a head start in the real world. We're committed to teaching both leadership and teamwork skills. As a society, we should be focused on grooming more leaders and less followers and we believe passion is king. Nowadays, a college degree doesn't come with any guarantees and we feel kids should learn how stuff works, develop trade skills and start interning early. We believe in creative thinking and encourage outside the box approaches.

What's this "Lessons" part all about?
"Lessons" refer to many basics that apply in the real world and assure success such as accountability, attention to detail, honesty in word, responsibility, work ethic, etc. These lessons are buried in the fun but we take them seriously. As in life, students who excel in the program are rewarded.Those who don't adopt certain basics are unfortunately dropped from our group which is a lesson we don't like to teach.

How do kids join?
Kids fill out an application form that addresses their creative and personal interests, extracurricular activities and career fields of interest. We then meet with the student and parents to address any questions and confirm it's a good fit. To find out more, please email bh@projectloop.tv

Is there a fee involved?
There is no fee involved and we operate solely on donations from parents and our partners. The more we raise, the more potential we have to get further with the programs scope and reach.

How often do the meetings occur?
We typically meet twice a month but this picks up on the Summer time. All of our events are listed on our members Facebook page and Twitter. We encourage kids to become familiar with social networking now so if your child is not on Facebook or Twitter, it's up to the parents to seek the information.

How can you become a partner?
We welcome new partners and our survival relies upon fresh ideas and collaborations with our partners. Please drop us a line at bh@projectloop.tv to say hello and we'll plan a visit to brainstorm how we could work together.

How can you volunteer?
We love our volunteers and they're essential to the program. The best way to volunteer is to send an email to bh@projectloop.tv and we will send you a brief form to fill out and we will add you to our list.